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Use the code SLAMBUNK to get the 10 off and get the Dead Aim marker for only 17.99 when purchasing it at Get your copy now! Issue 173 of bunkered is on-sale from all good... Dead Aim 3-D Mallet Putter. The Dead Aim 3D Mallet is the only loft AND lie alignment putter that conforms to USGA regulations. The classic black model has white accents designed for easy alignment. It puts you in the proper positions with your eyes over the aim-line every time. The Dead Aim Putter is investment cast and precision milled 431 ... The Dead Aim 3DB Belly putter is the only belly putter with loft AND lie alignment features that conform to USGA regulations. The classic black model has white accents designed for easy set-up and alignment. Get your eyes over the aim-line every time. Investment cast and precision milled 431 steel for a soft feel and solid roll. The dead aim putter is the only putter with the patented technology to drop in precision training devices that allow you to practice perfectly. Our studies show that by practicing with dead aim s laser attachment, golfers improve their aim by over 30 . RedEye Laser Putter $180 -- laser in face that is registered by a target sensor for training dead aim, and putter converts to USGA-legal for play -- good combo. SuperStroke Putting Grip $40 -- wide, oversized, squared, non-tapered grip similar in concept to Pure Pendulum, Two Thumbs, and Wishbone grips, which are cheaper. As the days passed and Sense s computer digested its massive trove of data, the dots started to take on different colors. Some turned toward red, others toward yellow, blue, and green. The tribes were emerging. People dream about visiting foreign countries. The job of your advertising is to convert their dreams into action. This can best be done by combining mouth-watering photographs with specific how-to-do-it information. You show a photograph of an ancient Oxford college, and tell the reader how much it costs to go and see it. When you are advertising little-known countries, it is particularly important to give people a lot of information. In a two-page newspaper advertisement for Singapore we told readers about what to wear, the weather they could expect, the language, the food, costs, every mortal thing. http Sign up as a business or convert your personal Pinterest account Researching Minor Social Networks

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