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Back to School Supplies Haul, Giveaway, and Life Hacks 2015 I ve seen back to school clothing hauls and these all over youtube, but I decided to switch it up... CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!! YouTube CherryKissLover1 Twitter macbarbian Instagram Karlaaaa 98 HOW TO ENTER THE SCHOOL SUPPLIES GIVEAWAY! Youtube Prize - Gi... Here is my Black Friday Haul!To enter the giveaway 1. Follow my instagram https bethanynoelm ?hl en2. leave a comment below with your in... You can enter and few and then come back again to finish up. Celebrate in our Not Back-to-School Facebook Group! You can also join me in my Homeschool Mindset Facebook Group. The Fine Print Entering these giveaways will subscribe you to as well as the giveaway sponsor. Open to all age 18 and over. Target and Bethany Mota designed a DIY collection of cool notebooks, stickers and accessories that allow students to totally personalize their school supplies. This collab is goals for any maker headed back to campus this fall. There s a reason Bethany Mota has over 10 million followers on YouTube She s a DIY superstar with a genuinely ... Chapter Summary Fastlane Distinctions Marketing and branding the queen is the most powerful tool in your Fastlane toolbox. Businesses survive. Brands thrive. Businesses have identity crises, brands don t. Identity crises force business owners into price commoditization. Unique Selling Propositions USPs are the keys to your brand and differentiate your company from the rest. People have a natural disposition to be unique and unlike everyone else. To succeed in marketing, your messages have to break above the advertising clutter, or noise. Polarization is a great above-the-noise tool if your product targets a polarized audience-usually politics, minority opinions, and even sports teams. Sex sells and always draws eyeballs. Consumers make buying decisions based on emotions before practicality. If you can arouse emotions in your audience, you will be more likely to convince them to buy. People have a natural disposition to talk about themselves. If you can incorporate interaction into your campaigns, you will have better success. To be unconventional means to first isolate and identify what is conventional, then doing the opposite, or interrupting that convention. Consumers are selfishly motivated. Always target your messages toward the predisposition of What s in it for me? Features are translated to benefits when you switch positions from producer to consumer, identify the feature s advantages, and extrapolate those advantages into a specific result. Price implicitly conveys value and worth. Don t allow your own perception of price direct your brand to mediocrity. When I was interviewed on stage, I didn t tell them about you. They asked about the inspiration and I talked about my mother being a baby maid and I spoke about Angela Davis and the prison-industrial complex. What is happening with you is so personal that I didn t want to see it in the newspaper. I know you will understand what I mean. People love to know what s going on behind the scenes. Lift the curtain on your corporate life and let your community in. Show them the wonders and struggles that make up your brand, your culture. In the past, people could create on demand geofilters for special events, such as weddings and milestone parties, with the caveat that no business-related logos or branding could be used. However, Snapchat now offers brands the capability to create their own branded on-demand geofilters. Unlike the geofilters used for weddings and parties, businesses must disclose that they are behind the on-demand geofilter they created. I am sick and tired of people being responsible! I want people to be accountable. People need to think before they act. Own their choices before they make them. I am okay with people making mistakes-but freaking own that you made a mistake and learn from it. That s what true accountability and responsibility is all about.

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